The 2011 Fiat Uno Will Be a Global Car

The brand newest Fiat Uno includes features that’ll ensure it is a new success story. Mirror Finish Besides this most original idea and bold lines, also it still enables an unprecedented amount of personalization while in the Brazilian sector.

A brand new icon at the segment. With hundreds of options from the factory and also the trader, the customer can customize the car to their preference, with optional accessories and items, turning the brand new Uno to an extension of their own identity.

But behind the advanced appearance, there’s also a well-defined machine.

To invent the notion of the brand new model and also reach its surprising contours, the designers out of the Fiat Style Center for Latin America and out of the Fiat Style Center at Italy failed to attempt and figure what the client desired. However, opposite they spoke to this customer and just they then started creating the vehicle. interiorOpen communication has been embraced through the entire creation, before merchandise clinics with all the actual-size internal and internal style models. In this manner, there wasn’t any room for mistake.

A story of succeeding with square foot lines, taken off the sharp, curved lines of the majority of models now in the industry.

Because of this particular reason, it now will get exactly the identical name since the renowned hatchback, however it won’t be open to this marketplace to displace it: Uno Mille has been a landmark after it all, it had been the version that began the division of 1.0 engine cars in Brazil, in 1990 as a substitute for exemplary cost/benefit ratio.

On the finest Uno convention, the brand new hatchback has streamlined lines which encircle a comfy, well-lit cottage, with optimum distance for all travelers and offering convenience items like power steering, air-conditioning and lighting using CD / MP3 player with blue tooth, hands free and USB connection, in addition to crucial security equipment, like airbags and ABS brakes.

The brand newest Fiat Uno also has a unique concept of its division: The heated cottage, with the defogging function. This product, when triggered, uses up to three full minutes to defog the windshield. Following this time elapses, the big event will be automatically deactivated.